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The princess cut is a relatively new diamond shape and was created in 1980 by Betzalel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz in Los Angeles. The princess cut diamond allows for maximum scintillation effect and the end result of a princess cut shape is a diamond that has the same brilliance as a round brilliant cut diamond but with a different overall appeal.

A princess cut diamond can have 49 to 78 facets but they generally have 78 facets for greater brilliance. Much like other square cut diamonds the princess cut diamond has to have a deep cut which gives greater weight to the pavilion in order to give it more fire and shine. A point to remember is if a princess cut diamond is not set well its corners can be easily chipped due its relatively slim girdle and pointed corners.

There is a reason that princess cut diamonds are so popular and that is because of the savings in costs that can be made. Princess cut diamonds are as brilliant as brilliant cut diamonds but are less expensive per carat. Another way costs can be saved with a princess cut diamond is in the cut. The cutting process for princess cut diamonds follows the natural structure of the diamond more effectively than with other diamond shapes. By following the crystalline lines diamond cutters can retain higher yields of the rough carat weight compared to other diamond shapes and this in turn lowers the overall cost of the diamond. Compared to a round brilliant cut diamond of similar weight, the princess cut diamond tends to be 20% to 30% less expensive.

Much like other square shaped diamonds the princess cut shape is the perfect diamond to help to diminish the appearance of long fingers. The setting for a princess cut diamond is similar to that of a radiant cut diamond. Like the radiant, princess cut diamonds require V-shaped prongs and these are used to hold the diamond securely while also protecting the corners.

The fact that princess cut diamonds are cheaper and are also an attractive shape and have brilliant shine are all reasons why they are so popular. Princess cut diamonds are especially popular Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses when it comes to solitaire engagement rings and the princess cut diamond is a symbol of independence, confidence and audacity. A princess cut diamond is a diamond shape that will look wonderful on anyone who chooses to wear it and is also a more affordable choice for those who cannot resist diamonds but don't want to leave a gaping hole in their pocket.

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